What is The Spiritual Codes?

The Spiritual Codes are a fantastic help to permanently relieve stress from wounds and traumas that is stored in the body.

Can you do it on yourself?

Yes, that why we are doing this site.

Where do they come from?

They came to Maria. In march 2012 she visited the Oneness University, participating in a deepening course and asked Bhagawan for better healing methods. The time in India was great and joyful. When Maria came back home she began to feel very heavy inside and asked in her prayers for help. One day she understood that she will receive some help, so she sat down with pen and paper and just received the information about the first six codes. When she was finished with those, applying them on herself during some weeks, she received one after another.

How do I know if it works?

Well, if you begin to do a list of your physical and mental problems you can check if it´s still there. usually when something is resolved people forget that they had the problem and think that noting has happened. It may also feel that something is resolved, you feel lighter inside. Some heaviness is gone

How do You know that it works?

We have seen very good results with our clients in our practice work. Maria herself has worked with the codes since april 2012 and experiencing amazing healing from  pasts traumas. We have also measured the effect with emWave and we have seen that it has a good effect on balancing the autonomic nervous system.

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