Information about each Code

1. The Mission
This is the Code to heal what prevents you from seeing and living your mission, your purpose with present life. We all have a special task here on earth. Spiritually, it means our own growing and learning in some way, because we are all in a constant process of development. Being embodied is the opportunity to grow spiritually by facing your challenges and healing your wounds. All mankind is in an evolutionary development process. Your mission is determined even before conception. Never compare yourself to another human being because then it’s easy for you to get lost on your personal path. Your truth is in your heart. Your task is to become aware of your mission and to live it. A mission also involves personal healing in the first place. Experience and see how divine intelligence has always existed and exists in your life. This code opens up to connect with the Divine and to get help with other codes.

2. Karma 
KarmaKarman has a strong impact on us in our lives and is like a collective subconscious. They affect the mind and they affect our cell structure. Humanity’s karma is really all the thoughts and experiences that have happened and are stored in the earth’s magnetic field. Our subconscious is marked by family feuds, war, slavery, racism and the like. It is the history of the negative subconscious in the form of harmful beliefs that governs our lives until we are reassessed.

3. Fertilization
Conception includes the period from parents deciding to have children until the second month of the fetus. This is a sensitive period for how we will experience ourselves here on Earth. Whether we were planned and long-awaited. 

If we were welcome as we are or if expectations were set for gender, future profession, etc.m. A fetus is aware of the parents’ attitude towards the fetus, siblings and others. Conflicts, thoughts, tensions and anxiety in the mother can also stress the fetus. On a higher level, we choose our parents.

4. Fetal life
This code represents almost the entire fetal period. From the second month of the fetus until the birth and is very important to heal. Many have experienced more or less stress as a fetus. A fetus feels and experiences things that it cannot understand. Misunderstandings and misinterpretations can also occur that persist in the subconscious as harmful cell memories.

Stress, anxiety and expectations about sex, for example, negatively affect the fetus. Likewise, if one has not been planned (although there is always a spiritual plan) Alcohol, drugs and other toxins that the mother gets into her body strongly affect the fetus and can create later escape behavior and feelings of constantly feeling threatened to life and not being able to escape threats.

5. Birth
The physical body is what we usually consider ourselves, along with our emotions and thoughts. Imbalances eventually reach the physical body and that is why alternative medicine methods can find imbalances that cannot yet be identified in school medicine.

With the birth begins the journey that is perceived as separation and rejection from the mother. The birth is very stressful for a fetus, but also gives a drive to later cope with things. Birth is life’s first major challenge. Sometimes you fight, sometimes you give up. Complications can occur such as the umbilical cord around the neck, lack of oxygen and other disturbances around it that also leave negative traces.

6. The first six hours
Through our minds (not to be confused with the Mind – mind, intellect, thoughts), we experience the outside world and ourselves. The first sensory impressions are very important as they will serve as a reference for the continued interpretation of our environment and of life on Earth. What comments did you get, how were you touched, how did you experience the first light and what sounds did you meet? What happened in the first six hours of your life? Were you abducted from your parents? What stressors affected you?

7. Fear
This code is designed to help the Fear paralysis reflex integrate, thereby loosening the grip on terrifying experiences from foster or past life. FPR is a primitive infant reflex that occurs in the fifth foetal week. It will then be integrated into the 12th foetal week. If it persists, it can cause mental blockages and inhibitions such as speech difficulties of varying degrees.

It can produce strong paralysis reactions in acute life-threatening situations, or situations that the body interprets as life-threatening. It does not need to be seen and understood by others as something “wrong” but can be enough with its own feeling that you do not get the words out of your mouth. An unintegrated reflex produces neck tension and tension in the psoas muscle. If you have the reflex, it is also an obstacle to integrating other infant reflexes.

8. Shame
Shame is probably the biggest reason we stay back in life. A common expression, especially among young people, is that something is shameful. Shame makes us shy and embarrassed. Shame means that we avoid both fun and challenging experiences in life, it can prevent us from growing as individuals. The shame is extremely difficult to feel and affirm and most people therefore unknowingly do anything to avoid experiencing. Shame is about our self-esteem over the right to live, take a place, stand out, speak up or shine with joy. Shame is a strong cause of drug addiction, other self-harm and addiction because shame is felt by who you are. When we laugh at other people’s mistakes or shortcomings, it’s because of our own shame. it. Shame leads to feelings of self-loathing and self-loathing and that’s what it feels so hard to face when you embrace shame.  Shame arises in us as children when the environment violates, criticizes, reduces, limits and transcends boundaries.

9. Infancy
This period is important for the physical development of the motor skills of the body. It is the period when most infant reflexes are integrated and other reflexes develop, such as the gait reflex. An infant needs to train for himself on the floor every day. It happens reflexively with repetitive movements. Rocking children contributes to good integration.
Energy-wise, the child is spiritually aware of what is happening in the family. Children are very sensitive to energies and energy changes. Children sense energies for truth, lies, presence, absence and fear. In the past, it was thought that children were less sensitive than adults. In a way, you could say it’s just the opposite. They haven’t had time to learn how to turn off and protect themselves from negative energies. They live with an open mind and an undeveloped nervous system, while being at a disadvantage due to their dependence for physical survival.

10. Early childhood
This period is also very important for the foundation of an internal security of the child. Children have the ability to misinterpret their surroundings and draw their own conclusions when they do not understand the negative behaviour, guilt, shame-laying and self-harm of the environment. A common way to offend children is not to respect and accept their feelings. The child is very avoidable for impressions and opinions. As a parent, it is easy to fall into the trap of wanting to teach the child as much intellectually as possible or start influencing and shaping how we want our children to be and what to train for and what to work with. From a spiritual perspective, focusing on the intellectual child’s contact with God separates the inner counselor. Have you been treated with confirmation of your feelings and inner experiences or has your surroundings manipulated or denied your true nature? Children express emotions clearly and audiblely, but often to adult dissatisfaction. When children’s expressions are suppressed, they are stored as tension in the body. The pain that is not experienced becomes an unresolved charge and is detrimental. In the long run, it can create harmful beliefs and harmful cell memories.

11. Late childhood
With this code you can heal wounds and traumas from age  7 – 14 years.

There are probably not that many stressing experiences from this period are forgotten unless there are really serious traumas which can always be denied and repressed. This period should be the time for discoveries, filled with play, learning and happiness. Still shielded and cared for the child is, however, developed well enough for experiences and discoveries on its own.

12. Separation
Adolescence is the time for emancipation from parents. If the environment, especially parents, has managed to suppress the affirmation of emotions, there is a high risk that they turn inwards into self-hatred and that self-harm develops. For example, parents who have strong control over their children may experience a revolting separation process from the child in their teens or later.

It can be expressed by the child exploding in anger and harmful behavior or by distancing themselves. Some flee geographically and establish a life far from their parents. Imploding is another reaction of being controlled by the environment. This is done by experiencing yourself as a victim. Self-pity and perhaps looking for harmful relationships that confirm the harmful beliefs one has about oneself.

13. Money
Welfare is more than just money. Money is, however, a source of strong feelings as we are so dependent on money to fulfil many of our needs and desires. Money is also used in many cultures as a yardstick for people’s value and thus most people want large amounts of money in order to feel valuable. Feelings cannot be bought for money but feelings for money can either attract or repel it.

It can be expressed by the child exploding in anger and harmful behavior or by distancing themselves. Some flee geographically and establish a life far from their parents. Imploding is another reaction of being controlled by the environment. This is done by experiencing yourself as a victim. Self-pity and perhaps looking for harmful relationships that confirm the harmful beliefs one has about oneself.

14. Guilt
Feelings of guilt are just like those of shame: a strong factor for developing addictions and self-injurious behaviour. When we violate somebody else’s integrity there is no punishment from the Divine but it is added to our karma to teach us to become aware; it is part of the evolution process. A chronic subconscious feeling of guilt may be due to having been apportioned guilt while growing up or having harmed another person during this life or an earlier life.

It can also come from collective karma from war experiences, cultural norms, religious norms, exercise of power or manipulation. When children in one way or another do not meet their surrounding demands and expectations, feelings of guilt easily arise. When children are punished for their mistakes or make their parents displeased, a guilt and shame is permanent. It also creates confusion, as does everything that does not match the truth of the heart.

15. Self-injurious behaviour
This code can be really tough to make. Be aware of how your behavior is hurting yourself. Be honest and true. Ask for help to see and connect with the subconscious. See also how your behavior harms others. Contemplate what behaviors you have to escape from the present, from body experiences, from thoughts, and to avoid getting emotional. They are all self-harming in that it shields you from your essence and body presence. Do you have an addiction of any kind? Are your thoughts preoccupied with the next meal already when you eat, or by dessert. Are you fixated on your weight and the appearance of your body? Do you exercise or work so much that you don’t have time for rest, relaxation and family life? Are you busy with sex fantasies? They are all signs of escape. Are drugs more important than a social life than your parents than your children? If you behave abusively towards others, see the violation list. All of these are really obstacles for yourself in your personal development to find home for yourself. 

16. Doubt
Doubt is a sign of your lack in belief that everything will turn out for the best and that you are cared for. Doubt is a sign that you do not believe in the good in life for everybody; in a higher power; in the magic and mysteries of life.

17. Self esteem
Self-esteem is about the way you see yourself and believe in yourself as an individual, your right to life and your right to occupy a physical space. Self-esteem is independent of who you are and what you do. Do you love yourself and your body? Do you accept yourself and your body? I dare state that a lack of self-esteem leads to our not taking the best of care of ourselves in one way or another. Good self-esteem evolves from being met with respect, seen, loved and accepted for who you are as a child. But also from being taught not to violate other people’s rights as individuals. Self-confidence, however, is based on how strongly you believe in making your way in life. You need both.

18. Creativity

We can, through conviction and prayer, create what we desire as long as we do not hurt others. Hurting others creates negative karma. The code helps heal blockages to your creative endevors. Creativity comes from inside. Creativity expresses itself with passion.

Be very specific and clear. Make not too big wishes in the beginning. See, feel and vibrate in the feeling that you already have what you want. Be grateful and feel that you already have got what you want. See it, feel it, live it. Be open to receive. Begin to live it.

19. Youth

This is the time for developing your social relationships and the peak of social togetherness and activities.

If you missed that, now is the time to heal. This is about enjoying beeing with people.

20. Middle Age

This is most of all the time for making a new family. There is probably nothing more challenging than becoming aware of and experiencing the provocations which children and partners provide us with. Everything which irritates you can provide you with awareness of your wounds.

21. Mature Age

At this time we should have reached mature age. Our children, who are our best teachers in the school of life, have grown up. We may even have grandchildren to enjoy. Many people still have, or now feel the wish and energy for contributing to the community in one way or another.

Without the stress of environmental poisons and pollutants most people would be able to live a healthy life even at this age.

22. Wisdom

Wisdom comes with age. It is knowledge based on experience and cannot be studied, it comes from within. Living a life of presence, learning from experience, understanding that there are greater purposes than what we are usually aware of, creates wisdom. Wisdom is trusting that the Divine power is always acting in our best interest. This new era, the Golden Age, started in 2012, on December 21st and will have reached its conclusion in 2035. This was written in the old Vedic texts and the Maya calendar. It is also what spiritual leaders the world over proclaim.

23. Old Age

After passing through years of hard work, years of enjoying creativity and years of sharing wisdom – then we should have earned the right just to be! To feel completely connected to Creation and at the same time be within a physical body – this has so far been only for the few but it is possible for all of us.

24. Future

This is the spiritual level of the mental plane and contains the blueprint for life for this incarnation and all other incarnations in the future.

25. God Realization

This code is about your connection with existence itself, the Divine Creator who we connect with through being present in our hearts. This code is about living from the heart instead of the mind. Our free will is to follow God’s will, since after we have healed we are fully connected to our hearts and our inner Divinity and we have found our way to the source and ourselves. Then we only want to live our mission which is also in concordance with God’s will. When you heal you also heal others since all trauma is stored in the collective consciousness. Become aware of how you have been helped by the Divine in different situations, that is has always been there for you – this strengthens your belief in and your communication with the Divine.

26. Awakening

This code helps us to de-identify from the Mind. The Mind is useful for solving practical, material problems but identifying with the Mind creates problems. The Mind is collective and the storage for trauma. To live completely here and now is to live in peace and freedom, in full awareness, and free from identifying with the Mind and thoughts. An awakened person experiences reality as it is without emotional filters. Suffering is the resistance to experiencing reality as it is. Neither religion nor spirituality is involved in this. It is simply a neurobiological phenomenon – the synapses of the nerves in the brain. After awakening it is not possible to close our eyes to the truth. The more we can de-identify with our Minds, the more we experience becoming one with everything; one with life; all emotions are ok; all experiences are ok.

27. Existential Fear

Most people have a fear of death. This makes us want to be in control and it prevents us from receiving what we may receive due to the fact that we rarely receive in a way we expect. Fear of death prevents us from living a full life – a frustrating paradox. Fear of death is also a fear of losing everything we know. Therefore it is common to want to leave traces in order to be remembered. A belief in eternal life diminishes fear of death.

28. Ecstasy

Ecstasy is a state; an experience of enormous happiness and elation over just existing right now. It represents an intimate contact with the personal truth we contain within ourselves. The whole body becomes energetic, full of life and expression. When you experience ecstasy it is your body’s way of showing that you are making the right choice; you are going the right way.

29. Enlightenment

Enlightenment is the highest state of awareness and presence. Probably the state in which Jesus, Buddha, Osho and other highly spiritual leaders existed. There are several enlightened people on earth even today.
Doing the code is no guarantee for immediate enlightenment, but all codes have their share in your personal healing process which is necessary for raising your awareness.

30. Liberation

Liberation is part of awakening. Liberation is to be freed from the martyrdom of the mind. When you can accept the mind as it is and not react with stress to its voices, thoughts and emotions which trigger this stress, then you are free from identifying with the mind. With time the voices will cease.
Keep focus. The mind can transform a light breeze into a hurricane if you give it energy. If instead you focus on your body, breathing, rhythm of your heart, and pulse and accept the emotions you experience, even a hurricane will gradually be transformed into complete stillness.

31.   Strength

This code helps you gain courage, power and strength. It is especially useful when meeting challenges and feeling powerless. A feeling of powerlessness in the now can have its origin in the past.

32.   Resistance

This code is about letting go of all resistance. Resistance is an inner conflict against accepting the truth. It can be resistance against receiving the gifts of God; accepting life as it is; seeing the past as it was; seeing oneself with open eyes; living life to the fullest; letting go of control; being healthy and strong. If you experience anxiety this code is recommended.

33.   Threat

Threat takes different shapes. It is always associated with an unpleasant energy. It may be enough with the feeling of threat to create damage in the subconscious or the conscious mind. It can be felt as a feeling of unpleasant energy in the physical body or in the energy field outside the physical body.

34.  Zest for Life

Zest for life is a basic need for experiencing happiness and creativity. Zest for living, for doing things, for discovering, for curiosity, the very engine which drives life forwards in the right direction, depends on the feeling of zest for life.

35.   Motivation

Motivation is the driving force behind all we create, all we can do with our bodies. Motivation can also be the desire for spirituality, to contact the Devine. Without motivation there is no zest, no progress, no improvement. If you experience indifference I recommend this code.

36.   Passion

Passion is an inner power for something you really desire to do or live. The person who feels a strong passion for something knows with certainty what is right for him or her. Passion derives from love, zest and happiness. If you have an inner power derived from jealousy, revenge, fear or manipulation which will harm other people, you are on the wrong track. Then you need to work more with healing your wounds and trauma. Revenge always retaliates.

37.   Focus

This code is to help heal what prevents you from being focused and present.

When you focus and are present you get the right guidance. Everything proceeds automatically; you have energy for more; doubts are gone; you know what to do.

38.   Success

This code removes what is in the way for receiving success. What success is, is personal. When you live your purpose and your mission you will be successful. Don’t be fooled by trends, fashion, economical predictions and other pronouncements made out of fear and lack of love. Follow your inner guide.

39.   Courage

We all need extra courage when we face our fears, encounter adversity and experience difficulties in life. You may need a lot of courage to heal the past. If you are an unbalanced or sensitive person there is probably much trauma to heal. Do the code to have courage to continue your healing process.

After doing this code more wounds and trauma may become activated. Use previous codes for deep healing of these wounds.

40.   Composure

To have inner composure means to be free from anxiety; to trust that everything is as it should be. The healing process can be a roller coaster course and very energy demanding. Create an inner tranquillity and composure with this code – a platform to rest on amidst all chaos. It is very useful if you have sleeping problems.

Difficulties falling asleep can also be caused by calcium deficiency. If your sleeping problem is in the form of waking up at night and not going back to sleep it can be a magnesium or zinc deficiency. Taking mineral preparations should, however, not be done without tests to verify a deficiency as an excessive intake of minerals may be harmful.

41.   Acceptance

The more we can love and accept ourselves as we are, the better we will feel. Through connection with the Divine we receive help with accepting who we are and thus feel better. The better we feel, the easier it is for us to connect with our inner Divinity and through it we can create our life on earth. The better we feel, the more beautifully we cooperate with planet earth and the entire universe. All is energy and attraction.

The codes do not remove who we are. The codes reduce trauma which prevents us from seeing who we are. Trauma creates stress and stress prevents us from living in the present. It is only in the present we can experience our true self. Everything else is either in the past or not yet lived.

42.   Attraction

The law of attraction states that the emotions, in which we vibrate, create our reality. It is not enough to only think positively, we must also vibrate with happiness and gratefulness – with the feeling that we have already received what we wish for. To be able to do this our subconscious needs to be involved, i.e. be convinced that we are worth it, that it is possible etc. The power of conviction creates energies of attraction to what we are convinced of.

If you want a good life you need to be convinced that you are worth a good life. If you are seriously ill you must be convinced that you can get well. This is the so called placebo effect. If you are convinced that you will die from something you have eaten it may happen through even a sugar pill. (It has been scientifically proven that you can die from a sugar pill if believing that you have ingested a poison). This is the so called nocebo effect. The power of conviction is extremely strong.

43.   Will

Do you find it difficult to get going? Do you feel stuck?

This code helps to heal what prevents us from feeling will for doing things. Doing without demands is easy and filled with will that comes fram an inner happiness expressed. Blocks to doing things can also be helped by the code for Creativity even if Creativity is more about the creative process and the code for Zest is more about the pleasure in doing daily chores. The code for Resistance may also be useful to do.

44.   Sexual Energy

The sexual energy from which life is created is also the energy which make us feel attracted to another person who we see as a potential sexual partner. Sexual energy is part of the life force. Sexual energy can be used for healing when there is awareness in the heart. Mostly it is used for escaping the reason for stress.

All sexual extremes and deviations is deficiencies in awareness and has a mental origin that creates stress, anger, anxiety and other strong emotions that blocking the flow of energy . Sexual activity is then used for a temporary release of stress and that is why it leads to an addiction. It feels good for the moment just like other addictions when doing or taking something to numb the underlying reason for stress. The cause for an addiction is not healed, however, without gaining insight about the reason to anger, anxiety and other strong emotions. That will automatically change the misuse in sex. When the cause has been healed a change in behavior takes place automatically. Forcing a change in behavior through control is rarely successful and healthy in the long run.

45.   Life Force

The life force is the energy which lives on when the body has stopped functioning. The life force is pure love. Sexual energy is part of the life force. It is also called Prana or Qi.

46.   Anger

Anger is emotions, views, visions that is denied, suppressed and pushed aside. Anger arises when we are oppressed. Anger also arises when you we not stand up for ourselves and when we forget to take good care of ourselves. Anger also arises when wounds from the past are opened by what is happening in the present. This becomes especially obvious when reactions and emotions seem unwarranted strong in comparison to what happened or was said.

47.   Grief

When we heal and see our past from a new perspective we may find ourselves feeling grief over the past. It can be, for example, grief over not having been able to do better or that life didn’t turn out as we wanted. With the insight which healing has provided you realise that life often could have been easier had you had this insight earlier and that may cause you distress. But we all do our best from our level of awareness at the moment. That is how life works. Also do the code for Acceptance.

48.   Pain

Pain is a sign of disappointment which has affected you deeply. It can be expressed through crying from deep inside where the memory of the pain is buried. Accept your pain, experience it and let it heal.

There are so many different kinds of crying and the crying caused by pain can be very strong. Pain is close to distress.

49.   Relationships

Relationships are about mirroring and energies. Everything which irritates you in other people is what you do not accept in yourself. When we fall in love it is often a projected expectation that the other person will provide the qualities we lack in our relationship with ourselves. The qualities lacking in people close to us in childhood. We want to feel complete through another person but this is doomed to fail. Poor self-esteem wants validation from a partner.

But we can only become whole from inside ourselves. We can be each other’s mirror and help our partners become aware of their own wounds. The more attraction there is, the more mirroring there probably is for healing.

But it is also these wounds which we unconsciously project when love has cooled and it becomes too painful to see the truth in ourselves. Watch your judgement and negative thoughts about your partner because it can be of help for what needs healing within you.

50.   Confusion

When you have lost touch with your heart it is easy to become confused. Life challenges us constantly, provokes us in different ways and puts us in difficult situations. What we often do in these instances is to try solving our problems with our minds rather than our hearts. This usually does not work well. Another way to go is to let our hearts lead. This may be challenging, enjoyable, uplifting and at times even painful.

51.   Pleasure

It may sound strange but one of the biggest obstacles in life is allowing ourselves to feel pleasure and happiness. We (probably the majority of people) focus far more on all our problems and solving these than on happiness and pleasure. We are even afraid of having too good a life, being too happy (without drugs and sex).

Find out which ideas are behind your obstacles to pleasure and heal them with the code. By being present in life it is possible to feel pleasure through all our senses over everyday things like e.g. having food today, being able to see, being able to taste, or watching the beauty of a tree and feeling its presence.

52.  Isolation

A code to heal wounds and trauma that isolate the heart from communication and to achieve an increased awareness. Everything that irritates you in others is a way to increasing awareness of what you close off in yourself. The code is useful to do when you get hung up on a detail without realising it is in yourself. Do the code to get in contact with your own trauma that you have been helped to mirror.

53.   The Immune System

The Immune system is weakened by stress. All negative ideas therefore stress and weaken the immune system.

It is also weakened by toxins. There are many toxins in our environment these days, e.g. in our food, the air and water, shoes and clothes, electronics, furniture etc.

Anyone with too much stress has less resistance to infections and toxins and more easily acquire secondary diseases.

Do this code when you have an ongoing acute infection or a generally weak immune system.

 54.   Elimination

Do you feel or believe that you are not worthy of a healthy life? Are you convinced that you will always be ill? Is it advantageous for you to be ill? Are you afraid of the responsibility that comes with being healthy? Is there anyone in your surrounding who benefits from you being ill?

Have you become ill because someone needs your illness to focus on?

How would your life be if you were completely well and strong? The fear of being healthy and strong can be lodged in your subconscious mind.

55.   Detoxification

This code helps heal energy blockages and mental barriers to detoxification.

Besides doing the codes, help your body detoxify through eating ecologically, purifying your drinking water, taking food supplements for deficiencies, and eating such things which help cleanse and purify your body.

56.   The Hypophysis

This code is for balancing the energies of the hypophysis. The hypophysis is an important gland in the brain dealing with hormone regulation, among others the thyroid hormones T3 and T4 and the hormones of the adrenal cortex – cortisol and aldosterone – as well as the growth hormone. Stress is how we react and deal with things. For the most part stress is created without any real danger being present, but from our negative notions causing the stress. When we heal these the body will have the capability to heal within all areas.

57.   Hatred

Hatred is closely connected to fear. Often we hate what we are afraid of. It is said that the opposite of love is fear. Love is a flow of energy. Fear is a blockage of energy. All negative feeling we have are energy blockages. All positive feelings are energy flows. Damaged cell memories cause energy blockages. These memories are crucial for how we experience the energy blockage. As only fear, or as hatred, jealousy, shame, guilt, threat or something else.

We can also feel hatred towards ourselves. Dare become aware of this and heal it. It can be due to our horrible acts way back in the past and it may therefore be difficult to understand from where they originate. The important thing is that this hatred is healed.

We often hate people who have hurt us deeply. This is common when divorcing. We become victims and allow other people’s actions in the past to continue to hurt us and make our lives painful. Our partner becomes our tormentor. The only thing that can set us free is to forgive. We must forgive others their mistakes and we must forgive ourselves our own mistakes. This is the only path to freedom, love and happiness. Let go of the hatred now and a load will be off your mind. Evil deeds are always performed because of a lack of awareness.

58.   Empathy

Empathy with other people but also with yourself. If you are shut off you may need to heal empathy with yourself as well. See yourself from the outside with loving eyes. Feel in your heart that you are a human being with defects and weaknesses. You have made your mistakes. Feel empathy for the fact that you, your fellow men and the universe function this way. Your journey is to find your way out of the confusion and feel empathy for being where you are just now. We are all at different levels of evolution and awareness – meet yourself where you are. Everything starts within ourselves.

59.   Struggle

Life is a struggle for many people. The struggle takes place in the mind and it is the subconscious which is the creator. The subconscious is governed by our convictions and when we have many negative convictions we experience a life filled with struggle and resistance since our thoughts which are created by the mind also create our reality through the negative energy attracting more negativity. This statement can become an insult to the person who in some way has a problem in his or her physical life. But whoever accepts this truth will also see that there is another way that every person who wants to can influence.

60.   Change

Life follows the laws of nature which are based on continuous change. Nothing remains as it is. Nature has its cycles. We humans also change. Everything affects us and we change. On the one hand we are who we are, but our experiences in the subconscious influence our behaviour, thoughts and emotions and our perception of ourselves and of life – it is inevitable. Our cells renew themselves so we do not have the same body throughout life. But the greatest change takes place when our subconscious changes through increased awareness. The only thing permanent is the Spirit which observes everything. Consciousness itself.

61.   Opening Up

This code helps you open up your heart even further. There is always a free will. Do I want to heal or not? If we want to heal it is an inner decision which leads to a deep journey without an end and which will change life dramatically. Opening up is a message to the heart that you want to go even deeper. Cost what it may but the choice is free.

The heart cells are protected from wounds and traumas when we close down the heart. That is necessary and it is why the heart is able to heal the rest of the body when we dare to open up later when we feel safe to do so.

62. Redress

Do you feel the need for redress? The reason is as usual your personal attitude to what you experience and feel. The code is to heal the feeling of need for redress. The law of karma is at work. You are given the experiences you need for healing and growing. When you work with the code for redress you aim at recognizing and healing the wounds which give you the feeling that somebody owes you something. Heal it with a bit of having fun.

63.   Fulfilment

Fulfilment means a wish for help to finish what is in the past. Your journey to this point through the codes is personal and partly depending on previous experiences and karma. It also depends on who you are, your mission and your personality. What is your life going to be like? Some people need many codes to get there, others hardly any codes at all. The only important thing is to find your way to yourself. Do it the way that works for you.

64. Overeating

Overeating is about suppressing emotions. The chemistry of food, its consistency and structure, how we chew, how we swallow, how often we eat, at what time we eat, what we think of when we eat, in what company we eat, where we are when we eat, how we feel when we eat, what we think about the food we eat, how much our thoughts are centred around food and sweets between meals. All this is of importance to our experience and enjoyment of the food we eat.

All this may have been influenced by upbringing, culture, heredity and environment etc.

When we use food or anything else we put in our mouths and swallow in an unhealthy way it has consequences: welcome and unwelcome. It can be the food content which satisfies and numbs emotions through chemical and hormonal influences. It can also be more physical experiences such as a feeling of satisfaction, bloatedness, pain etc which in some way is the reason to stop eating. Too many people have a more or less disturbed relationship to food – that is – an unhealthy relationship. Healthy eating is always eating what the body really needs and enjoying it to the maximum through chewing well and feeling the taste and the bodily sensation.

65.  Peace

Despite all inner cleansing we can still overreact to the way the world looks: wars, starvation, catastrophes and inequality. I do not mean to say that the codes shield us from the suffering around the world. But some people find it difficult to protect themselves from other people’s pain thus making their own suffering unnecessarily heavy. Highly sensitive people need to relax sometimes as they are the ones who find it most difficult to shield themselves. It helps nobody that we feel bad for their sake. The nervous system needs a break from stress. The code for peace helps to create peace within in whatever conflicts that arise. We all need to feel inner peace. We must help ourselves first to be able to influence others to feel better. It is how we experience the world – our planet Earth can be both heaven and hell. Our inside creates our outside – that is how the law of attraction works. Through being good fellow human beings we can affect others. Through raising our frequency we help others in the best possible way, as they help others to understand their own programs and negative patterns in order to develop. We are all equal parts of a common whole.

We also recommend the code for Worry

66.  Carrying On

A lot of healing has taken place, lucky you!  You have done a job and a half. It is time to carry on with this life, without luggage. Life continues with new challenges. It is possible to experience that things done many times before can provide a different kind of experience and happiness. As if doing it for the first time – feeling like a child again. Small things feel exciting.

67.  Protection

This code is for balancing the energy in the body and for creating a protection from energies from the outside.

68.  Panic

Like all emotions the feeling of panic can vary. Strong panic is very frightening and is really a reaction to a great trauma of an earlier very threatening experience when there was no chance of escaping. For the person who manages to be present with full awareness during life threatening circumstances no damage will remain. But usually we cannot do that and one way of enduring the situation is by leaving the body. There is probably nothing actually leaving the body but what happens is that we shut off contact with our heart. This creates what we call a wall around the heart which remains there until we heal consciously. When healing panic, old trauma will be experienced emotionally. But you know that you are now safe. For as long as we are in real danger there is no room for healing the past. When we are safe the past, which has been kept out, catches up with us. Feelings from old trauma will not kill us when we accept them and experience them. They are harmful when we resist them and deny them.

69.  Magnetism

This code is about creating even greater power of attraction, complementing the code for Attraction. The code helps create a vibration which attracts what we wish for and helps us raise this vibration to a higher level thus increasing the power of attraction for our wishes.

Focus on your wish and let the code help you increase the frequency of your vibration. Feel the happiness over having what you wish for. Live your dream. Also remember to say thank you for all the gifts that the Universe sends you.

70.  Abandoned

This code is for healing feelings of abandonment. Where were your mother and father when you needed them? Did you receive the support you needed? Maybe you lost someone important early in your life? Someone abandoned you when you needed help. It is a big trauma which the code can help you heal.

A situation with a parent physically present but unseeing, unhearing or ignoring the child is extremely confusing. A parent who is there but yet absent. Deep feelings of not being anybody can arise. Children of parents, who are absent because of stress, drugs, depression or other reasons which make contact through the heart impossible, run a risk of feeling like they are nobody.

71.  Significance

The code is for healing the lack of feeling significant and of appreciation for oneself. Be important to yourself. Dare being important to another person; being important at work; among your friends; to your family. Dare accept that another person cares. Feeling a lack of significance may be induced by society. It can be the result of wishes having been ignored and unfulfilled in childhood. It is a consequence of having been underrated or ignored; of not having been celebrated; not having been made to feel valuable. It is a consequence, for example, of feeling yourself lacking, not being worthy of attention and success.

It can be very difficult to dare, want or be able to receive people’s gifts (not necessarily material gifts) or the gifts from the Universe if the feeling of worthlessness or unworthy is strong. It can be due to the triggering of unpleasant feelings of not deserving or not being worthy of receiving. It can also lead to immediate feelings of being under an obligation to somebody. But the Universe works with a greater perspective. It often happens that we reciprocate what we receive from one person through giving to another.

This code is also for the person who finds it difficult to fall in love or finds it difficult to let the love of another person into the heart.

72.  Confirmation

The lack of confirmation from parents in childhood makes us do things as grown-ups to be validated and confirmed. Often children are only confirmed when they achieve according to their parents expectations. This makes us lose sight of our mission and purpose in life, our inner wish and guide. It is a common reason for stress and burn-out. We try harder and harder; cannot say no; cannot set limits; do everything to prove competent without ever feeling competent. Competitions – win, win, win – can become a way of life to achieve validation. Be the best, make our parents proud etc

No! Look your children in the eyes and smile. Give them love without expecting any previous achievement. This makes them feel confirmed and satisfied. There will be less inner struggle and stress. It makes them able to develop into the special persons they are. Children are not there for satisfying the needs of grown-ups. Grown-ups are there to confirm the children. Not by giving them every material thing they want but through seeing them, listening to them, respecting their feelings, limits and experiences in life.

Look your children deep into their eyes and smile when you listen to them. Do it now! Do it every time you meet and you will experience miracles. Children who are confirmed by our listening to them, looking at them, being present and taking them into our hearts build up a feeling of self-esteem which becomes anchored in their subconscious. They can stop fighting in order to receive attention, they learn to love, they love themselves, they learn to listen to themselves and others.

73.  Deceit

The code heals trauma from feelings of deceit. They can originate from all kinds of situations when we have felt deceived or left behind by parents or somebody else. For example when we are beaten or bullied or when nobody cares. Fighting between siblings with nobody intervening. If you are at a physical disadvantage you need protection. It is not ok to beat another person. Grown-ups need to be a good example by not using violence, but also stopping others from using violence.

74.  Direction

This code is for giving a clearer idea of your direction in life.

75.  Old Patterns

This code helps you let go of old patterns. They may not feel like trauma and may not hurt. But old patterns are very common: they are an obstacle to living in love; to meeting another person with love; to creating a loving relationship.

76.  Death Wish

We experience and heal at the rate we ask for and usually manage. Starting a healing process by dealing with a potential death wish and the reasons for it would probably be to much to handle for most people. One step at a time at a suitable level of challenge is the best way to proceed.

A death wish may be connected to a wish to escape. It may be a very painful experience which has created this feeling. Sexual abuse or torture for example. When we experience strong fear and are not able to be fully present in the situation or express the pain we experience, our emotions are shut off and the memory is stored as a trauma in the form of an energy blockage. Sooner or later this memory is activated and gives rise to feelings of anxiety and panic. The sensation can be so strong that it is difficult to endure. If we are unused to expressing emotions the situation becomes even worse and then it is easy to shut off and numb the pain through resorting to addictions and self-injurious behaviour of some kind.

77.  Self Respect

Lack of self respect can lead to diminished appreciation of oneself. It can lead to failure to stand up for oneself. It can result in demanding to little from life. It can result in putting up with more than what is good for physical and mental health. Lack of self respect can also lead to not realising and utilising one’s strengths and advantages but to diminishing oneself.

78.  Anchoring

The code is to create more inner balance, like all the codes, but this code has no focus on any specific trauma. It is like a meditation for more presence and being.

79.  Alienation

To feel alienated or being on the outside can be felt as threatening or as being insecure. It can produce feelings of being completely left out with no friends, nobody than yourself to turn to, without help. It can also create a feeling of emptiness inside. On the inside is where friends are felt to be emotionally.

80.  Prestige

Prestige is refusing to let your guard down. Refusing to recognize and admit your faults and shortcomings is a great obstacle to seeing your true self. It is a great obstacle to healthy relationships. It makes you lie to yourself. Lying to yourself prevents you from understanding and raising your level of consciousness.

81.  Self Loathing

Feelings of self loathing prevent us from being creative. When we loathe others or ourselves we loathe Creation itself. All biologists know that diversity and variation is the basis for healthy development. Open your mind, look with unbiased eyes how it is, not how you think it is or should be. Dare see the truth whatever the emotional cost may be. It is only the mind acting up. Remember that other people are only a mirror of that which you do not want to see in yourself. Be aware that we all are and are supposed to be different. Do not even try to change your fellow men – just provide a good example by living your truth. To attempt becoming somebody else is just doomed to fail. However, you can partake in other people’s experiences of reality with excitement and curiosity and thereby become enriched. We are all connected and this is amazing.

82.  Relaxation

In order to receive it is important to be able to relax. Follow the flow, your personal path, without effort. Let go of all thoughts and ideas of competition, achievement and comparison. Live the life given to you in your own way. Follow your energy and your inner guide.

83.  Conviction

This code is to help strengthen all the convictions you need for your creativity, manifestation and direction. When you feel a great sense of “YES” throughout your body you are on the right path; you are convinced that it will happen; you have already arrived emotionally and can relax in order to receive. Conviction is the basis for the power of receiving.

84.  Belonging

It is important to feel and experience belonging and fellowship. This is also the reason why we like so much to create organizations, associations and clubs. The ego wants validation. But there is a deeper form of belonging. The kind which is not about a feeling of belonging due to similarities or interests, but simply because we are human beings. To be a part of the Universe, a part of the human race, a part of life, a part of existence which brings us to the source of life.

The code is also about unity. Not that it is necessary to agree on everything but to agree that we are all one. When we start organisations for something we identify with; some disease, a nationality, a region, a sport association or a political party for example, it is really a basis for secularisation, because it excludes some groups.

Do the code for Social Exclusion

85.   Self-Love

We all long to receive love and to experience love. Anyone looking outside him- or herself for love is on a wild goose chase and is usually looking for confirmation. All love comes from within. The more you love and appreciate yourself, the more you have to give. To meet in love is a situation when two people are in touch with their hearts and the energy of love flows between them. The experience of self-love waxes and wanes to start with.The more you treat yourself lovingly and respectfully, the stronger your love for yourself becomes and thus for others. When you give you shall receive.

86.   Fear of Conflict

When we live according to other people’s expressed rules and wishes, (I do not mean laws meant to protect) or even worse, when we live according to other people’s unexpressed rules, wishes and censure, it may be due to fear of conflict. When we avoid standing up for ourselves and speaking up for ourselves it may be due to fear and lead to the suppression of our true selves. Observe whether your fear of other people’s opinions, thinking or reactions rule your life, your choices, your way of being and living. Are you keen to be subservient? Are you afraid of other people’s reactions? Are you afraid of other people’s feelings? Do you think obstructive thoughts like: what will people feel, say or think if I do this? Do you tend to say: what will the neighbours think? Or: I do not want to make my mother disappointed. Or: I want to make my father proud? If you want to develop spiritually there is only one way and that is Your way regardless of what neighbours and relatives have to say about it. The best thing for you is to live your mission.

87.   Despair

When despite all healing there is despair. Do the code for new strength and conviction that everything will be all right. And that everything already are alright. And that everything in the past also is all right. Do not give up hope! Just see there is Despair. Embrace it! There is something in you who needs more self love.

88.   Emptiness

The feeling of emptiness can be very unpleasant. It is easy to unconsciously fill it with food, drugs, work, sex or games. No feelings that validate your existence. No longing, no zest, no happiness, no love. No feeling of uneasiness to escape from. A very strange experience that nothing matters. Everything is without significance. It is easy to unconsciously fill it with food, drugs, work, sex or games. Be aware! Let yourself feel the emptiness while you are doing the code. Fill yourself with love.

89.   Love Relationships

Few things are as challenging as love relationships? Be on the alert if you want to grow as a person and if you want a true and deep relationship. The more we like another person the easier it is to become upset and provoked. But remember it is all about reflection. Your partner reflects that which you do not accept in yourself, most of the time in one way or another. Love relationships are a fantastic opportunity for healing. Be observant on what happens within you, which feelings and fears are awoken. Which thoughts and situations create separation, control, suspicion, jealousy, guilt, shame, escape and feelings of being forlorn etc.

Are you experiencing that your partner is not listening to you? Maybe it is you not listening to yourself. Are you experiencing that your partner does not respect you? Maybe it is you not respecting yourself? Are you experiencing that your partner does not love you? Maybe it is due to lack of self love in yourself.

90.  Being

Just to be. Simple but yet so difficult. Accept the present. Accept that you don´t accept the present. Everything is perfect eve though you don´t feel so.

 91.  Escape

Escape behaviour presents itself in many ways. When you for some reason avoid another person or a situation and it becomes a pattern there may be an underlying trauma making you want to escape. Escape closes the heart. It does not always mean that you physically leave a person or place but it may be so.

92.   Affluence

The code for healing blockages that prevents affluence in life. Affluence and belongs to the group of codes connected to our creativity and receiving the good things. It is about being grateful for what you already have. When the resistance is healed the possibilities lies in front of us to do what we really want to do and what we are meant to do. Remember that this is not only about money. It is about love, happiness, health, fellowship and everything wonderful in life. Be grateful fo your wealth. Say thanks!

93.   Role of Victim

ne way of looking at human behaviour is to describe it as if we play three different roles: victim, saviour and perpetrator. We vacillate between these roles in different situations and in relationships to different people. To be a victim means believing that you cannot manage, blaming other people or institutions for your own poverty or ill fortune. To be stuck in illness and misery is a kind of victim role. Blaming society is another. Not taking responsibility for your life and actions but believing that somebody else or society should do so is a kind of victim role. It is common to blame “society” or the “government”. Focussing on shortcomings is to play the role of a victim. Of course there are many shortcomings around us which could be improved. But more uplifting and nourishing is to focus on what is positive since what you focus on creates more of the same.

94.   Arrogance


95.   Lostness

It is easy to lose oneself in a world full of so many demands, ideas, and musts. Our minds try to convince us to follow one or more directions and our hearts find it difficult to be heard in the noise from the Mind. If we have been denied, damned and punished when we followed our hearts as children, we find it difficult to listen to our hearts as adults. During the journey of healing we may enter a stage of feeling lost, once or many times. When we change from listening to the Mind and to demands and expectations from outside and before we have full trust in listening to our hearts we may feel lost. What we believed in is no longer true. So what is true? We may experience this like falling without knowing if we will land. We may experience this as living in two different worlds which in a way is true: the world of the mind and the world of the heart. It can be described as a feeling of having lost one’s way. In such a condition it is good to take it easy and not force important changes in one’s physical life.

96.   Gratefulness

The feeling of gratefulness is important for really experiencing the riches in life. To be grateful for what we have is part of the solution to create more of what we wish for in life. Be grateful for the gifts of life. There is always something to be grateful for. The more healing, the easier it is to experience feelings of gratefulness.

97.   Determination

Determination is the force that activates the body for physical action for manifestation. Determination is the step between conviction and manifestation. Determination is necessary for manifesting the wishes of the heart. Determination makes the body act directly from the awareness of the present. The mind can activate our bodies to do things, but it is without happiness and the use of too much energy.

98.   Self Knowledge

The code helps to give increased self knowledge. The code is a prayer for help for increased awareness of the blockages that exist. Dare see and feel deep wounds and trauma. Presence and will, the wish to gain self knowledge create an increased awareness of the feelings we have hidden and repressed.

99.   Deepening

This code is helpful for going deeper into your own Truth.

100.  Assault

Experiences of assault can produce an energy collapse. It may also be the reason for a wall having been created around the heart to make us coldhearted or even zombie like. In order to find inner strength again the energy of the solar plexus needs to be balanced. Assault can be verbal: threats, criticism, disrespect, suspicion, accusations, and also be physical abuse. Touching another person without permission, feeling and presence may be experienced as an assault. Even leers can harm. The body and its energy field is our home and private sphere, not because we are our bodies, because we are not, but because we are the most sensitive and most responsive and defenceless to what happens there. Programming and deprogramming of the subconscious takes place with the assistance of the body and its senses.

101.   Harmony

To be harmonious is to be balanced. It is an inner state and has really no connection to outside factors. Even if the Mind wants us to believe so. To be harmonious it is important to accept what is – regardless of what it is.

102.   Manifestation

The code helps give more power to the manifestation of dreams. If you need more contact with your dreams you should do the code for Dreams first.

103.   Suspiciousness

Suspiciousness is connected to lack of trust. It shows through lack of trust in other people. You may feel as if somebody is out to get you. You may imagine that people are evil and have evil aims. You believe in conspiracy theories. There may be a feeling of other people setting traps in various ways. You may feel hard pressed, disputed and put up against the wall when questioned. It may happen in such simple instances as when a friend or partner wonders how you feel, what you believe or what you have done, or just choices you have made in life.

If you are suspicious it leads to introversion and failing communication. It also leads to becoming defensive and even to attacking. The cause is the Mind which plays a trick, old wounds and trauma being activated. As always there is a degree in the strength of feeling and reaction, depending on the situation and who you are. Really strong reactions and feelings may have a diagnosis of mental illness.

104.   Anxiety

Anxiety is a strong feeling of unease which may lead to sweating. Anxiety makes it very difficult to be in the present. Anxiety is about uneasiness about the future.

105.   Dreams

The code helps us heal from all that prevents us from believing in our dreams and realising our dreams. All creativity begins with a dream. Do not let it stop there!

106.   Appreciation

The code is for healing what prevents us from appreciating what we have. In order for our wishes to come true we need to appreciate what we already have. The feeling of something creates more of the same. We create with our feelings. Appreciate what is healthy in your body, appreciate the beauty in your surrounding, appreciate the goodness in your friends, appreciate the loving actions which are present all around. Give what you want to receive and it will reach you.

107. Spirituality

Spirituality is a practice which creates contact with the Universe, Life itself, the Divine, the Source, the Creative Force or whatever you prefer to call it. Romance is a kind of spiritual practice, as well as ceremonies of various kinds in different cultures. Safeguard beauty och appreciate things at the smallest level. Pray, hug trees, see the beauty of nature. Lighting a candle, relaxing, reflecting, creating moments of silence and contemplation are all ways of practising spirituality. Spirituality has existed throughout time and is practised in various ways in different traditions and religions. Shamanism is a form of spirituality but not a religion and an example of an ancient spiritual tradition which has returned and is nowadays called “New Age”. Doing the codes is an example of spiritual practice. A holy moment with focus on your inner self, a moment of Spiritual time helping you regain bal-ance and harmony.

108. Acknowledgement

The code is for integrating an acknowledgement to yourself of your qualifications as a human being. Do you have a voice in your head that tends to explain away your competence in relationship to others? It is impossible to compare oneself to others but still, that is what we do all the time. I want to suggest that it is totally meaningless since it is impossible. Everybody functions and achieves differently in different situations, in different fields and when together with different people. Nobody is static, we influence and are influenced by each other. A conviction that you know things helps you stand up for your competence or lack of competence. If you believe that you are able then there you create an inner force to try and without it nothing will happen.

109. Security

The code is for healing a lack of inner security and creating the confidence in everything being as it should be. That we are cared for and receive help.We receive what we ask for as our convictions are confirmed. Heal your convictions. If you lack confidence in that everything will be taken care of you will feel insecure. Become aware that it is the mind which makes you believe that something has to change in order for you to feel secure, for you to feel content and at ease with life.

110. Rejected

This code is useful to do when there are feelings of rejection. Reasons for the feeling vary and are personal. At times you may not understand why you feel rejected but that does not matter. Just be observant on when and if you feel rejected. Then you have an opportunity to heal.

111. Freedom

This is yet another code to create what you want in life. We are all free to shape our lives.
The code helps to heal the blockages in the subconscious which prevent us from believing that we are shaping our lives. The thought and feeling invested in the prayer is creative. The subconscious causes feelings and thoughts (negative) and may be the reason we feel a lack of freedom. We become trapped in “our own” mind, our ego, our thoughts and our subconscious.

112. Loss

The code aims at healing fears and grief from loss of people near you which does not mean something as drastic as that they have died. The fear of losing someone, or having lost someone can create a blockade to accepting another person into the heart and loving unconditionally.

113. Resignation

The code aims at healing feelings of resignation. When you have tried and tried but still not succeeded you may experience feelings of resignation and hopelessness. This is a good prerequisite for receiving help from the Divine and contact with the Divine.

114. Cast out

The feeling of being cast out is close to the feeling of rejection. Cast out is more about not being allowed to be included at certain times; poor performance; a feeling of not being good enough. Cast out is about not feeling received like a human being in the family and this feeling is connected to the feeling of lack of self worth.

115. Realization

This is yet another code to help create what we want in life. The code helps realise on the outside what we want to create. The codes only work for positive goals.

116 .Disrespectful

Lack of respect means that someone else believes he/she knows more about us, what we want, feel, should do, how to live and choose in our lives. Lack of respect means receiving opinions about ourselves or others that we have not asked for. Lack of respect means being violated. Other people’s opinions about you are first and foremost about themselves. We are all mirrors of each other. We are all different. We are all experiencing life in different ways.

117. Shut out

To be shut out at different times may be due to choosing to hold back. Not daring to open up for various reasons. It is useful if you can understand how your own behaviour contributes to being shut out – it may not be because of being disliked. Your own fear of being disliked is enough for you to be shut out. The energy you radiate (superiority, inferiority, shame or guilt e.g.) creates the experience other people have of you. It may also be because you expect others to take the initiative rather than doing it yourself. Think over how you approach other people. Do you decide how your social interactions should be through giving of yourself and being a good friend or do you follow “unwritten laws” for manipulation and status?

118. Drive

Do you feel that you lack drive, that you cannot get going, even if there is not conscious reason? Do you lack that bit of something that you need to get started? It is just an old pattern that has to be broken. The abit of power is strong.

119. Grace

When you realise that you want more than you are capable of, ask for grace and help from the Divine.
Resignation, grace and capitulation are close and constitute the road to grace. Resignation is the feeling generated by hopelessness. Capitulation is about giving up, stopping to fight, letting go of control and grace is to reverently, from the heart, ask for help from the Divine.

120. Inclination

Inclination is the craving for being creative. Inclination is to feel happiness in what is to come.

121. Criticism

Criticism, judgement, good advice and opinions from other people aimed at another person is entirely about the person making the judgement. Other people are only mirrors of ourselves.

The feeling of being criticised can be activated indirectly. When you are questioned you may get the feeling that the other person wants to find something to complain about or to set you up. As if the other person is looking for facts to turn against you. Of course it may be an unconscious underlying or conscious intention in the other person who in this instance helps us see our own pain concerning the issue.

What is constructive criticism? It is about things we do, a job that can be done in another, hopefully better way. We are not what we do, but if we identify ourselves with what we do we feel personally criticised when somebody has an opinion about a job we have done.
Criticism and reactions from others to something we have said or done towards them, which they see as insulting, have activated their unhealed wounds. If criticism from others makes us react emotionally, our own wounds have been activated and a dispute erupts.
Both want to be right, both want to be understood, both want to make the other person understand. The inner critic does not only make us criticise ourselves but also others.

122. Setting limits

Setting limits may be challenging. Setting limits means standing up for yourself. It is challenging because you risk provoking other people and you risk being ostracised and meeting with various types of dislike and counter reactions. There is also the risk of being respected, which can be rather challenging for a person used to being run over and treated disrespectfully.

123. Manipulation

To witness one’s own manipulation of others can feel tough. It is very common that we manipulate to get what we want and to control other people. Fears of all kinds lie behind. For somebody who wants to live with the truth it is necessary to stop manipulating others. We also help others who want to manipulate us by imposing guilt and must or threatening with punishment or restrictions. It is usual for parents to manipulate their children with threats and bribes to keep them quiet, or to control their behaviour.

124. Suicidal thoughts

Have you got thoughts of suicide? Do you dare admit that you have such thoughts? This kind of thought does not mean that you are planning to commit suicide but the thought is harmful anyway. If you attract thoughts of suicide it shows a lack of acceptance, self-esteem, love and joy for yourself and your life. Maybe you put the blame for everything on others, on your surrounding or on your situation, now or in the past. These thoughts can be changed, you have the power in your hands if you only want to. Wanting is a powerful force springing from a decision that you have had enough. That now you want to see change. Then you will be guided in a new, positive direction.

125. Despondency

The code to heal despondency is useful to do when there is a basic lack of happiness. Feelings of happiness should be an important part of daily life. Do you feel that your “neutral state” lacks happiness? Do you see a grim-looking person when you look in the mirror? Do you often experience boredom although you do not lack for anything?

126. Disorder

The kidneys are the organs for fear. When there is a problem with detoxification, chronic stress or with the kidneys it is useful to look into fears and toxic load. The origin could be exposure to toxins while in the uterus. This may create feelings of being stuck, being locked in, moving in a circle, not being able to get on, wanting to escape etc. This code is part of the healing that is needed.

127. Pray

The act of praying influences the body’s energies making them vibrate on a higher level. The Divine responds on frequencies that affect us strongly and brings forth feelings of gratitude, happiness and humility.

128. Balance

The code is meant to create further balance and to heal all ideas preventing you from achieving balance. Balance is an inner state when you feel satisfied with what is.

129. Worry

The code is meant to create further balance and to heal all ideas preventing you from achieving balance. Balance is an inner state when you feel satisfied with what is.

130. Worthy

The code Worthy is about feeling worthy. Worthy of a good life. Worthy of being healthy and strong. Worthy of a good job. Worthy of respect. Worthy of having a loving relationship. Worthy of having good friends. Worthy of a good home. Worthy of healthy eating. Worthy of a good financial situation. Worthy of a life full of happiness.

131. Self-criticism

It may be helpful to reflect on oneself but as with everything it can reach extremes. Are you very self-critical? Do you analyse yourself after a big achievement, again and again to find faults? This is probably more damaging than helpful. Focussing on the negative reduces energy, creates more negativity and stress. Strengthen the positive with the help of this code against self-criticism. Leave the past behind and go on.

132.Performance anxiety

Performance anxiety means that your demands for a perfect performance are so high that they create anxiety. Your inner judge is never satisfied. Try finding out from where the idea of needing to perform perfectly stems. Try finding out whose acceptance and love you are trying to receive (probably something from childhood). Parents who push their children too hard in what they do and have opinions of what they should do instead of accepting their children for what they are and giving them the love and attention for what they are, do their children a disfavour.

Extremely high performance demand produces performance anxiety which can lead to performance paralysis. You give up before you have started since your inner critic is never satisfied and consumes all your energy. The person who demands too much from himself also demands a lot from others. The person who demands a lot from himself is often “clever” and feels that others should make more effort, at least as much as they make themselves. The person who demands a lot from him- or herself and never is satisfied, proud and happy about his or her achievements is often the person who suffers “burnout”.

133. Impatience

Impatience may show as restlessness and physical unease. Impatience is the lack of patience. Impatience is the lack of acceptance of what is happening right now. Impatience is a kind of escape from the present. Impatience may be a sign that another, more unpleasant feeling, is about to show.

134. Capitulation

To capitulate is to admit to one’s limitations, to give up, to place oneself in the hands of the Divine, to stop fighting and to let go of control. The mind wants control. The mind makes us believe that we can manage our reality through controls of various kinds. Like controlling others through manipulation, threats, bribes, or burdening them with guilt and shame. To strive for a lot of money or collect all sorts of things may also be a sign of the need for control. When we live unaware our experienced reality is shaped by the past. When we are off balance and the mind reacts to fears, we want to create security through control. The road to increased awareness, healing and a richer life is through capitulation, through letting go of control, challenging your fears and daring to be vulnerable. Trust that the Divine will take good care of you.

135. Physical pain

Wounds and trauma are often stored as energy blockages in the body and can cause illness, mental and physical pain.

136. Identity

If you have not received enough confirmation as a child the result may be feeling a lack of identity. Identity is the feeling of existence and being somebody of importance. Not as famous, but the feeling of being somebody and having the right to a life of one’s own and the right to decide over one’s life only because of having been born. Through confirmation and being seen the feeling of identity is created. It is not something that can be replaced by fame, talent or being clever and therefore, in adulthood, receive confirmation through achievements. The feeling of identity in question is created through the mirroring, the eye contact and the presence that is needed for the child to experience its own existence. A meeting between two hearts. Our true nature is love. Through seeing and meeting the child from the heart, with love, an identity is created in the child through the experience of being love. Indifference towards one’s child is the most harmful attitude. Probably a parental behaviour of worrying too much or not being otherwise present (without being a drug addict) creates both dependence and codependence in the grown-up child. It may also lead to difficulties for the child to be in touch with his or her heart as an adult.

137. Infirm

Unhealed old wounds and trauma create stress and consume a lot of energy. Negative thoughts and feelings consume a lot of energy. Negative thoughts and patterns may be the reason for not having energy, besides accumulated toxins which also consume a lot of energy as the immune system works at maximum capacity.

138. Prosperity

A code for increased success. As usual there is resistance within us when we do not manage to manifest what we want. Usually there is resistance towards creating and receiving a good life in abundance, love, happiness, prosperity and success. Find out what is preventing you. Which negative thoughts and ideas do you have about having a good life? This code is part of the healing.

139. Restlessness

When it is difficult to remain still, difficult just to be, you may feel restless. This may lead to dissatisfaction and a feeling of wanting to escape the restlessness. Various behaviours for escape are the consequences: food, sweets, salt, nicotine,caffein, sex, attention from others, be seen as clever etc.

140. Self confidence

To be confident in your own ability to manage things like taking care of yourself and supporting yourself, recognising your own way and believing in being able to create the life that is meant for you is indescribably important. You need to stand up for yourself, accept the challenges that you are given for building self-confidence. If you time and time again let yourself down you lack self-confidence. We must all begin from where we are. We all have the same potential to create our mission, the road is our goal and the art is to be able to take small steps of a challenging enough nature and to begin from where we stand right now. Also do other codes to release blockages and old wounds and trauma that have damaged a solid ground for self-confidence and to strengthen your self-confidence.

141. Confidence

This code helps balancing your life and living life in the present. Trusting the inner guide that shows the way of the right direction one small step at the time.

142. Take up space

This code is for healing that which prevents us from taking up space. Do you withdraw, do you hold back, do you underestimate your value and place in life and on earth? Do you keep yourself back with the excuse that you are generous and want to give others a chance, attention and space? Be observant of yourself, this may be an excuse not to take on new challenges in your life. There is space enough for everybody. Other people benefit from you standing up for yourself. The Universe is not built on self sacrifice. The Universe is built on living life with love and happiness and following your inner truth, not at the expense of others but neither at your own expense.

143. Adventure

Life is an adventure. What that means is personal. What it is filled with is personal. How it is experienced is personal. Make your own adventure trip. Meet yourself where you are instead of copying others. What is adventurous for you? It is only when we live in the present that we really experience being present and life. Presence gives you a totally different experience of life, when every moment is an adventure.

144. Having fun

Life is for having fun. Be like a child and have fun. Use your fantasy and imagination. Do not take life to seriously.

145. Nausea and vertigo

This code is for healing physical nausea and vertigo when an emotional cause lies behind. Strong feelings can cause physical reactions, strong enough to make you throw up.

146. Hopefulness

To feel hopeful is important since it influences how we see the future. Hopefulness provides strength to go on in life, whatever has happened before. Become aware of what prevents you from looking positively at the future. All these codes are meant to help reprogram from the negative to the positive. Fears, unease, anxiety and stress to become love, gratefulness and happiness.

147. Disappointment

This is the code for healing our feelings of disappointment. There are many things we can feel disappointed over. Disappointments are often caused by demands and expecta-tions we have of other people, of life, of society and, deep down,of ourselves. One way of making healing easier is to view things from other people’s perspective and to under-stand
other people’s shortcomings. When we become disappointed it is because the mind is judging, assessing and correcting other people’s actions from our own point of view of what is right and wrong and what they owe us, a sense of claim. Everybody does his or her best according to the level of the awareness he or she possesses. We can never know the real reasons behind the actions of other people that disappoint us more than the fact that what we experience provides us with the possibility of gaining deeper insight into ourselves. Grieving over the past is of no use. Fill your mind with positive feelings and thoughts to create change.

148. Receiving

Gifts are given, miracles happen and opportunities are offered to us all. But do we notice them? The person with an open mind notices. The person with a closed heart, who is judging and unwilling to accept that which is given, misses the opportunities. Be open! Be aware! Be thankful! Take the chance! Accept the gifts of life. Remember to be thankful for what you are given. Give thanks for everything you have received in life. Meditate over your past and realise how you have been helped until now. Focus on what you have been given instead of what you have missed. What you focus on you receive more of.

149. Loneliness

When you harbour unhealed feelings of loneliness it may show as an unhealthy need for confirmation, or for being close to somebody. It may also mean that you lose yourself in the proximity of others, demand too little from yourself in order to belong and risk end-ing up in destructive situations and being abused. Wounds caused by loneliness may also lead to keeping a distance to others, making sure you are independent and self
sufficient. Giving yourself all possible excuses for avoiding company. Both excessively introvert and extrovert behaviour may be the result.

150. Support

This is the code for feeling, receiving and accepting support. It is important to receive support as a child. This support should be given when the child takes his own initiative according to his own will and wishes.

151. Collect one thoughts

Codes help to get clarity by collecting the thoughts and dispel confusion.

152. Contentedness

The code for strengthening feelings of contentedness.

153. Satiation

This code is aimed at a feeling of dissatisfaction that creates a craving for something even after eating and when there ought to be a feeling of satisfaction and saturation.

154. Guilty conscience

A guilty conscience may or may not be justified. A bad conscience that concerns not liv-ing up to other people’s expectations is unwarranted. A bad conscience due to having exploited or deceived another person, failed yourself or your promises can be justified and serve as inner alarm clock to point out that there are ways for learning and improving.

155. Enviousness

There are various reasons for being envious of other people. It may be looks, character, material possessions, work or social competence for example. When you are envious there is a risk for grudge. Grudge stems from feeling there is not enough for you too. Be inspired instead by others to attract what you long for. Absorb the energy and feeling of what you wish for so that it enters your life too. When it is our own negative behaviour you can change that as well, if only you want to. Copy good behaviour from somebody you admire.

156. Jealously

Jealousy is like an inner demon created by many kinds of negativity in the subconscious. Jealousy can lead to horrible deeds of violence. Jealousy is unhealthy and the need for control comes from jealousy. Jealousy can lead to the need to control others in order for you to avoid strong feelings and suffering. The other person is used as a tool for trying to reduce your own suffering and avoid meeting your own pain. Causes for jealousy may be various unhealed wounds and trauma causing negative feelings which can be found in the manual for the codes.

157. Welfare

Welfare is not just about money but the quality of life. This means good relationships and time for socialising, possibilities for development, money for what you need without being deprived, physical as well as mental health.

158. Miracle

Miracles happen all the time. They are easier to spot when we believe in them. It is easier to receive when we believe in them since belief is a conviction which helps us become aware that we can affect our lives. They are created from our beliefs, our conscious and subconscious mind that makes what we believe in manifest itself in the physical life. That is why it is so important to heal negativity in the subconscious mind and blockages to positivity if we want change in our lives. The code for miracles help us further to see, be-lieve in, and receive miracles.

159. Guidance

This code helps increase connection with your Inner Guide, your Heart, your inner Divini-ty. We all have a Guide within us that leads us along the right path in life when we are in touch with “It” and have the ability to listen to and trust our inner selves. The code Guid-ance, Sensitivity and Clear-sightedness are closely connected.

160. Sensitivity

This is the code for increased intuition and sensitivity. The physical body is a superb guide when we are observant and listen to its reactions to thoughts, feelings and ener-gies in different situations. Stress is created when we run over ourselves. Illness is creat-ed when we run over ourselves. The body informs us in various ways when something is wrong. For example: first a vibration that something is not ok, a gut feeling, a heart feel-ing, thoughts you want to deny, physical problems that increase and become symptoms and then illness. We can, through allowing ourselves to be sensitive, intuitive, and listen-ing to our inner reactions, let our bodies lead us through life.

161. Clear Sighted

Clear-sightedness is to step aside and observe what is happening from a more objective perspective. Complete objectivity is probably not possible since we are the result of many factors like: cultural background, the present time, upbringing, experiences, education, religion and various norms. And since we all are parts of totality nobody can represent or see everything. Together we form a larger part of totality and are also able to achieve more when we have the same goal. When focussing on facts, where they exist, and otherwise focussing on solutions benefitting everyone from an overall perspective we become more clear-sighted. When focussing on cooperation and openness, solutions can be found which are to everyone’s benefit. Control and manipulation for one’s own gain stems from fear and is a sign of a lack of trust and always creates conflict. Clear-sightedness is also seeing through the manipulations by somebody of others while using such a strategy. Clear-sightedness is also noticing one’s own shortcomings.

62. Hopelesness

Feelings of hopelessness create despondency and the feeling of wanting to give up. It may feel as if you are unable to get ahead, moving in circles without achieving anything. As usual it is the mind interfering, putting a spanner in the works. The more resistance we encounter the greater the possibility to open up to the opposite effect. Do not let resistance prevent you from continuing on your way.

163. Intention

This is a code for strengthening our intentions. Whatever we do our intention ought to be positive in order for us to fulfil our mission.The universe works for the best for all of us. What one person does affects everyone. What we focus on manifests itself. Good intentions guide us towards improvement.

164. Employement

When it is difficult to find employment it may be due to an inner resistance. This code is aimed at healing what creates resistance towards being employed. Also create an awareness and gratefulness towards the jobs, income and provision you have received earlier in life.

165. Catastophe Fixation

When the mind spends a lot of time on worrying about the future bringing something terrible. When doubts about the positive happening dominate.

166. Overwhelmed

When life feels fantastic and you need help to transport the feeling to the cells. A common reaction when we are filled with wonderful feelings is that we want to give everything away. It may just feel to overwhelming to receive. That large amount of energy is difficult to handle. The code helps integrate strong positive feelings into the body.

167. Forgetting

Delete the memories of difficult events with this code as a finishing touch for the trauma that has refused to let go.

168. Friendship

Friendship is built on giving and taking. If you want to get a new friend, start by giving. Give of your interest, your time and your attention. Never speak ill of others, it creates negative energy. If you wish to have spiritual and developing relationships choose friends with a positive attitude, who do not keep talking about miseries or slander others. Choose friends who respect your boundaries without the friendship being spoilt.

169. Decision anxiety

Anxiety over making decisions is common. The word anxiety is a strong word and doubts about which choices to make need not be very strong, but to doubt decisions creates unease. Sometimes it is about several new alternatives and at other times about a yes or no to an alternative. Follow your heart when you make a choice. The code is meant to make choices easier to make.

170. Selling

In all kinds of situations we need to sell ourselves or our ideas, although we do not have selling as a profession. When attending a job interview, running our own business and working with selling services, when we have an idea that we want heard whether at home, at work or in any other context. To present something very dear to us can be difficult if we are afraid of dismissal. The art of selling needs the courage to show passion for what we are selling, dare burn for something and be able to convey that feeling. We also need to be able to accept doubts and questions without losing heart. We need to capture our audience’s feelings for the idea as well as conveying the information which helps them believe in the idea. Do you believe in your idea? Do you dare take responsibility for what will happen when you get a yes from others?

171. Marketeing

A large part of selling depends on marketing. There are many channels for marketing and it comes down to choosing the correct one in order to reach new clients. This code also deals with freeing blockages to standing up for an idea, oneself or one’s product. When the blockages have been removed, our feelings guide us as to how to deal with the practical aspect. A pendulum or muscle testing can also be used.

172. Convince

Convince from the heart what you believe in. Everything else is persuasion. Dare stand up for your beliefs. Dare express your truth. When it is conveyed with the energy of truth and personal conviction others will listen. Show respect for the fact that everybody does not think the same way you do or want the same thing.

173. Old Rubbish

If there is still some old rubbish remaining, despite all healing, test doing this code.

174. Speak Freely

The code Speak Freely is for daring to speak your truth, for standing up for yourself and for what you believe in.

175. Thanks

This code is for helping to integrate thankfulness in your body. If your thankfulness makes you overexcited from all the new energy it could be useful to do this code in order to integrate the feeling and the energy. Or, if you have difficulties expressing your thankfulness.

176. Dare to be seen

Not daring to be seen is a great obstacle to success. If you do not dare to be seen you do not dare to stand up for yourself or do anything that creates attention and this may prevent you from succeeding in your mission. Also do the code Take up Space.

177. Transformation

To work with The Spiritual Codes is a process of change in the subconscious. There may be resistance against transformation. When there is resistance against the actual transformation our growth is slowed down. Life is a continuous transformation and development process. Resistance to transformation is resistance to the natural laws of life. It is better to flow with life than to struggle against it. Meet your fears going with the stream rather than suppressing them against the stream.

178. I can

Believing in yourself is really all that is needed. The belief in oneself can vary depending on the context. This code is mostly for situations when you lack conviction in being able to do something. Use a positive sentence to strengthen what you doubt you can do. Convince yourself that you can do it.

179. Presence

Ask for help for increased presence if you need help to advance and deepen your ability to observe what is happening.

180. Paralysis

This code helps unlock all blockages which are felt to cause feelings of paralysis.

181. Finish past life

Different codes heal with different frequencies and severe trauma often need healing with more than one frequency and thus with the help of several codes. Even severe trauma in previous lives may need healing with more than one code. When a heavy feeling remains after the healing of many feelings it can be difficult to define this remaining feeling in any other way than “heavy”. This code may help ease this heaviness.

182. Itching of the skin

A code for healing mental stress causing itching of the skin. Anxiety and nervousness, for example, can cause itching of the skin. Many skin problems are also caused by hypersensitivities and an overload of toxins in the body – a sign of an overburdened liver. Detoxification is often helpful for most types of skin problems.

183. Burning in mouth

A code for healing mental stress causing a burning sensation in the mouth. A lack of certain vitamins B can also cause burning in the mouth.

184. Life energy

Life energy is exactly what it sounds like, the very driving force in one’s life. The power of the life energy depends on the state of health of the mitochondria. It is connected with life itself. Research shows that higher forms of life have developed through the fusion of mitochondria and bacteria. The life energy can be confirmed by a visible light coming from the egg cell when the first cell of the foetus is formed.

185. I am good enough

The code “I am Good Enough” is about self esteem and self confidence. To be good enough for who you are and what you do. There is always room for learning and growing, regardless of who you are, and you start from where you are at the moment. Do not try to become something, you are already good enough. Everyone is good enough without being perfect. #I am Good Enough” is meeting oneself (like all the codes in various ways). Observe which situations you doubt you are good enough in and create personal convictions for those very situations.

186. I wish

The code is for asking for what you long for, as if you reach out to ask for help and at the same time receive this help. The code “I Wish” is a physical gesture to express the longing of the heart. The code is also a prayer for help finding and feeling a desire.

187. Finding the way home

To find the way home, or long for home is the wish to find oneself, the one we are without prohibition and notions.

188. Peace of mind

Even if there is no chaos created by old trauma and emotions, an inner chat may be going on which is sometimes difficult to put up with and which prevents you from being fully anchored in the present. The code helps increase peace of mind.

189. Satisfaction

To feel satisfied with what you have, with yourself or what you have achieved is important but is not always easy to do. It is not what we learn, it is rather the other way around, it could always be a little better or become a little better. Or I could make a bigger effort. In many cultures competitions against others play an important part. To relax, do nothing and relax even more in thought, mind and action and at the same time be satisfied, also develops you. Variation and moderation create balance, personal development and raised awareness. Extremes are fanatical and create resistance. There is nothing to prove.

190. My life

We all have a life to live, our own, not anyone else’s. Living our lives to the full is a challenge more difficult than most since it contains the great challenges we have come here for. Everyone’s challenge is personal. A personal challenge should never be valued and compared to another person’s challenge. All people’s “My life” can only exist, be experienced and lived by one single person. Surely it is fantastic that we have all been given this gift and opportunity.

191. Calm

The code Calm helps create more of inner calm.

192. Helplessness

Feeling helpless means meeting your limitations. Useful to know is that a limitation is not static. It is only one of all emotions to meet and experience at the time it appears. Be grateful for everything your inner self wants to show you. Through daring to see, feel and meet our inner self we grow. When we admit and experience helplessness a unique opportunity is offered for a deeper contact with the Divine.

193. Letting go

Let go! Trust in God! Listen to your heart, follow your heart and all will turn out for the best.

194. Flow

Going with the flow does not mean following everyone else. It means following your inner guide. Your inner guide makes itself known through positive energy. The more sensitive you allow yourself to be, the easier it will be for you to be in touch with your inner guide, your inner truth and when you follow this you will go with the flow. Maybe not directly, because there are things you have to go through first, but as soon as you have made a conscious choice to change course you will be heading in the right direction. And when you are going in the right direction you will weather all storms, one by one, that is life – constant learning. Ever higher awareness, ever stronger energies and more happiness in the present.

195. Letting go of demands on Yourself

Are you demanding too much from yourself? Too great demands are paralyzing. Meet yourself where you are at this moment. One way of becoming aware is asking yourself if you make too heavy demands on other people. Or you feel that other people are idiots. Do not confuse being undemanding with indifference, because being undemanding does not mean that you do not care.
Instead it means being more permissive without being judgemental in the belief that everyone does his or her best from the level of awareness he or she is at. It is good to have visions for direction. It is when you identify yourself with the results that problems arise, whether you are satisfied or not. The goal is the way. Living in the present, feeling that now you are on your way. Feeling that you are content with small steps in the right direction.

196. Entertainment

Entertainment is something done to create amusement for yourself or other people. Unlike happiness which is generated within and not dependent on activities around you. Entertainment gives us temporary merriment and good mood. The code helps healing blockages to allow you to experience entertainment in a positive way. It also aims at helping you allow yourself to enjoy whatever you do that has you locked into a negative thinking pattern.

197. Relief

Relief is a pleasant feeling that hopefully follows after great tension. After completing something that requires a great contribution, physically, mentally or emotionally it is healthy to experience relief. I did it! The code is recommended if you do not allow yourself to feel this relief. Other more unhealthy emotions and reactions after a period of tension can be emptiness and loss, restlessness or self judgement that you have not done well enough etc.

198. Goals

This code is yet another help to achive your goals. Ask for help, take small steps in the right direction and you will be on the road that carries you towards your mission.

199. Responsibility

To assume responsibility is to stop whining and acting as if it is somebeody else’s fault that there are adversities in life. To assume responsibility also means taking responsibility for the consequences of your actions and learning from the mistakes.

200. Expectations

To feel expectant is like being a child on Christmas Eve.There is happiness and expectancy in the air in a positive way.

201. Vagus nerve

This code helps free blockages that interfere with the Vagus Nerve. This nerve is a big, important nerve from the head to the stomach. It is an important part of the regulation of the heart frequency and is the cranial nerve innervating most of the body, from the neck to the guts. In the abdomen there is the enteric nervous system, the nervous system for the gastrointestinal tract which is involved in our emotions and the breakdown of food. Therefore it is easy to understand that emotions affect the digestion – blocked emotions can create constipation for example.

202. Cooperation

A code for healing possible blockages concerning cooperation. Doing a code often brings clarity to a problem, be vigilant and open to information from within. As always, be open to understand what resistance or difficulties you have with cooperation.

203. Enterprise

Enterprise is created from drive, inclination, curiosity and will. There are many negative convictions that can block your spirit of enterprise.

204. Fear

Fear is often claimed to be the emotion which includes all other negative emotions and also be the opposite to love. In our work with TSC we have defined the way most emotions can be experienced and this is important for healing. All emotions that prevent us from feeling love may be understood as fear, but if you can name your fear to give your experience a better description this may not be the code for your particular fear.

205. Authority

To exude authority that feels right for both you and others you need to be true to yourself in the sence of believing in yourself completely without being the victim of negative convictions.

206. Feeling good

A code for feeling good. Everyday life is ok and you feel satisfied with simplicity without great changes. You feel at peace.


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