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If you love yourself and life and have a good health, wealth, relationships, work, home situation, and free time you will overflow of energy and love for other and you do not need any of these codes.

But, if not!  Welcome to change that!
Here you can do all the first 10 codes for free. These codes are a fantastic tool to change your beliefs that hinders you to get health and wealth and you do it easily on yourself.

The effects of the codes are magic!

Do you want more love in your life?
Do you want more joy in your life?
Do you want more money in your life?
Are you occupied with negative thoughts?
Do you want more happiness in your life?
Do you want more health in your life?
Are you for some reason stressed?
Do you feel stuck?
Do you miss trust?
Do you feel excluded?
Do you feel poor?
Do you feel unworthy?
Do you feel as being a looser?
Do you feel worry?
Are you depressed?
Do you feel shame?
Do you have problems controlling yourself?
Do you wonder what you are doing on this planet?
Do you have a lot of anger?
Do you have irrational fear?
Do you feel guilt?
Do you feel superior?
Do you feel inferior?
Do you miss joy and love in your life?
Are you highly sensitive?
Are your life like a roller-coaster of emotions?
Are you suspecting negative things to happen to you?
Are your life a catastrophe?
Are you suicidal?
Do you have problems to forgive yourself or others?
Do you want revenge?
Do you have to prove something to others?
Do you have a self destructive behaviour?

Lack of satisfaction happens when you listen to your mind and when there is an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system.

If there is anything that prevents you for living a life full of joy and love and you want a change….. do not hesitate!

From Carl Jung: “There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

Here is a free possibility to change darkness into light….

It only takes your time, willpower and commitment to yourself. A continuously and seriously working with the codes will make you feel more and more relaxed about yourself and life. It permanently balances the nervous system. That is what we see when we measure it with the biofeedback instrument emWave Pro.

You need one more thing……… be brave!
You need to be brave to see, to admit and to feel that you are not perfect, you are a human being who make mistakes and sometimes do stupid things. The clue is to see your own true about what prevents you from having a good life and what creates the negative. The Spiritual Codes will help you with that. TSC works in a magic way. Do not try to understand them, just be grateful for the healing.

If you don´t believe in it TSC will help you, don´t worry about that. You just have to make the decision that you will do what ever it takes to get the change.

TSC is to make a better world for all.
TSC is to contribute to a higher consciousness in the world. That is necessary to save our planet and create a better future. Human beings have that capacity. It is all about energy. When we change the energy we will get a higher consciousness. Old wisdom from scientists know that problems has to be solved in a different level of consciousness than from where they were created.

Walk with peace in your heart


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