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I am a Swedish woman, a mother of two girls. I have studied biology, geology, economy and medicine at the university. I have also studied at Oneness University in India. I have felt very traumatised from childhood traumas, the period in my mothers womb and from previous lives. After many years of depression I started my healing journey, and have tried lots of different methods. 2000 I went ill from post traumatic stress and 2002 I began to study kinesiology. Since 2004 I have worked as a kinesiologist. Still feeling a lot of stress in my unconsciusness like all the nerves was on the outside of my body. 2011 I went to the Oneness University and after that a began to see previous lives. 2012 i went to India again and this time i asked for better healing methods and when i came home I recieved the first six codes. The healing with the codes has been amazing both on my clients and on myself. I am so grateful and will give the opportunity to the whole world to work with this codes.

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If you need help to choose codes, please fill in the form below and you will get information about how to buy a consultation for that. Name(required) E-mail(required) Comment(required) Yet sinceit’s hardly unprecedented to whack first year coaches just ask Jim Tomsula are those conversations being had in Silicon Valley? Kelly’s trademarkoffense ranks dead last in the NFL, largely because San Francisco has the league’s least effective passing ray bans sale attack. And, it’s worth noting, Kelly’s now getting some pointed questions about job security…

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The Spiritual Codes

Welcome to The Spiritual Codes! The Spiritual Codes are a fantastic help to permanently relieve stress and traumas in the body that prevents you from living the life you are here for, the life your heart is longing for. It´s easy to do by yourself. See the following information. What are “The Spiritual Codes”? These codes are a combination of different hand positions, sometimes movements. The Spiritual Codes are a tool for healing yourself. You do it easily on yourself. Just follow the instructions in…

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The self healing manual, Manual for wealth and health

Welcome to experience miracles! Life is made for experience. Your brain creates your experience. The brain is plastic about how it works and creates the reality. You can affect the brain to create a greater life. TSC is supporting that. If you love yourself and life and have a good health, wealth, relationships, work, home situation, and free time you will overflow of energy and love for other and you do not need any of these codes. But, if not!  Welcome to change that! Here…

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