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I am a Swedish woman, a mother of two girls. I have studied biology, geology, economy and medicine at the university. I have also studied at Oneness University in India. I have felt very traumatised from childhood traumas, the period in my mothers womb and from previous lives. After many years of depression I started my healing journey, and have tried lots of different methods. 2000 I went ill from post traumatic stress and 2002 I began to study kinesiology. Since 2004 I have worked as a kinesiologist. Still feeling a lot of stress in my unconsciusness like all the nerves was on the outside of my body. 2011 I went to the Oneness University and after that a began to see previous lives. 2012 i went to India again and this time i asked for better healing methods and when i came home I recieved the first six codes. The healing with the codes has been amazing both on my clients and on myself. I am so grateful and will give the opportunity to the whole world to work with this codes.
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