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First, read about the codes so your body has got the information what it is about. How to do the codes step by step 1. Create a private space 2. Contact your heart 3. Be aware of what is going on in your body and mind 4. Pray for help and good healing 5. Use a pendulum or your intuition or a muscle-test to see in which group you will find your code 6. Use a pendulum or your intuition or a muscle-test to test…

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The Spiritual Codes

Welcome to The Spiritual Codes! The Spiritual Codes are a fantastic help to permanently relieve stress and traumas in the body that prevents you from living the life you are here for, the life your heart is longing for. It´s easy to do by yourself. See the following information. What are “The Spiritual Codes”? These codes are a combination of different hand positions, sometimes movements. The Spiritual Codes are a tool for healing yourself. You do it easily on yourself. Just follow the instructions in…

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The self healing manual, Manual for wealth and health

Welcome to experience miracles! Life is made for experience. Your brain creates your experience. The brain is plastic about how it works and creates the reality. You can affect the brain to create a greater life. TSC is supporting that. If you love yourself and life and have a good health, wealth, relationships, work, home situation, and free time you will overflow of energy and love for other and you do not need any of these codes. But, if not!  Welcome to change that! Here…

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