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Yet sinceit’s hardly unprecedented to whack first year coaches just ask Jim Tomsula are those conversations being had in Silicon Valley? Kelly’s trademarkoffense ranks dead last in the NFL, largely because San Francisco has the league’s least effective passing ray bans sale attack. And, it’s worth noting, Kelly’s now getting some pointed questions about job security andamid rumors a certain school in Eugene, Ore., might be seeking a reunion with its former coach. The Steelers were whipped by the Packers in last season’s Super Bowl, but Pittsburgh remains a remarkably strong national brand in large part because the team has won more Lombardi Trophies (6), and is tied with the Cowboys for the most Super Bowl appearances (8). The Steelers are consistently among the top teams in merchandise sales. Steelers’ safety Troy Polamalu led all players in Oakley Sunglasses Outlet individual jersey sales last year. To capitalize on its rabid supporters, the team is looking to add up to 4,000 seats to Heinz Field, which would be on top of the 2006 project that added 717 club level seats to the stadium. The Steelers have sold out 303 consecutive games at Heinz Field and Three Rivers Stadium.And when Australians sat down in front of their televisions most nights last week, it was not the likelihood of an invasion of Iraq that preoccupied cheap football jerseys china news broadcasters but the state of Shane Warne’s shoulder. This is the agenda set by a media obsessed with sport and the ratings it brings.”Everybody knows about beer, pork, and porn, but it also extends to congregating in large groups (more than five, I think) and the playing of music in public. Also, I think Jeddah [a popular Saudi resort town] has recently forbidden the walking of dogs in public, because they may be used to attract the ladies.”Imagine an entire country run by a crusty, mean old dean from an ’80s college comedy, and you’ll come wholesale jerseys up with something very close to Saudi Arabia. Throw in a few rules a sheltered suburban mom named Carol would come up with, and the illusion will be complete.The Trumpers never expected their guy to actually win the thing, and that’s their problem now. Photo / AP Mr. Trump was the cruelest candidate since George Wallace. How he won on fear and bile is for political pathologists to study. The country is already tired of his noise, even his own voters. He is likely to become the most intensely disliked president since Hoover. His children will carry the burden of his name. He will never be happy in his own skin. But the damage he will do to our country who knows? His supporters voted for change, and boy, are they going to get it.
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