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    For some reason, content development is often overlooked in digital marketing and internet marketing. Many people think that more emphasis is put on search engine optimization and so on. Although there is certainly a place for both content development and search engine optimization, they do not play the same role in digital marketing that they do in traditional marketing.

    A blog is something that can show up on organic search results. However, most of the time it’s not a very good ranking. While high quality plr products may have intended to get the article listed somewhere on the first page of the organic search results, the fact is that the article will be quickly crawled by people who just want to see what all the fluff is about.

    Content development has a much different meaning. free private label rights ebooks doesn’t mean writing long articles; rather, it means writing posts with informative and interesting content that people will want to read.

    Some businesses, however, do not realize that a blog is different from their website being listed on the natural search results. So, while the website owner might be happy to see his or her blog listed in the organic search results, the writer may be frustrated with how they are perceived by search engines.

    Here’s why:
    articles plr see blogs as useful. They see a blog as a place to get the latest news and information. Therefore, when a blogger puts valuable information on their site, search engines will pay attention.

    For example, one of the most popular blogs in the world today is Technorati. It is written by an IT expert, who writes about a lot of computer related topics.

    Because of the quality of the information that Technorati provides, it has a huge following of visitors every day. Search engines like this because, as mentioned before, blogs provide a unique service.

    So if you’re going to have a blog and you’re going to make sure that the content that you create is as valuable as that of Technorati, the only way to do that is through content development. Don’t try to spam it with meaningless data.

    Instead, make it readable, informative and interesting for people who are using search engines to find the information that they want. If you choose a subject that has some value for people, you will get people to read it.

    Think about it: What if you wrote a list of everything you knew about fruit trees, but then you gave away your information for free? How many people would have taken the time to read it? You wouldn’t have a readership at all, right?

    I can remember a friend of mine, Mike, who used to take this approach. He would write a bunch of articles on things he knew a lot about, but then he would give them away for free to everyone. Sometimes he gave away his life story, sometimes his theories about certain subjects.

    After a few months, he had a large readership, because people realized that he was sharing with them the technical details that he knew. Now, that’s content development!

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