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    Bubble Tea has developed into a staple in the youth culture of Toronto. In urban places it’s not uncommon to see tea cafes at every corner. This surge in popularity has resulted in both maintain traditional tea and innovating for new modern flavours. At Tea Remix we make an effort to do both. Offer flavours possess the familiar taste to the home country while catering for the population of Torontonians. At Tea remix you can expect a fusion of vegetarian snacks for example Japanese style fries, Taiwanese fish tofu and Cheese wontons. Our tea flavours include original milk tea, mango, taro and other delicious flavours. While the interest in bubble tea has risen it is interesting to follow the history with this delicious beverage.

    Bubble tea originated as must successful products do, like a reason for competition. Teas are a fundamental element of chinese people culture. Every age enjoyed tea and would casually consume tea during the day. After school students would flock for the tea stalls to drenched with sweat and dehydration. As competition between your stalls stiffened, one enterprising vendor added flavours for the tea. The youngsters fell in love with this because it was sweet and more flavourful than black tea. This led to the recognition of this stall increasing and also the flavoured teas expanding with other vendors. It was the start of the now popular
    Cafe in Ajax.

    Check out our form of this traditional beverage at;

    Tea Remix

    109 Old Kingston Rd Unit 7, Ajax, ON L1T 3A6

    (905) 427-6668

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