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    This takes a look at of Hyll on Netherlands. The Hyll at Holland is a new freehold condominium on the merged sites of the previous Hollandia together with Estoril, with a corner involving Netherlands Road and Queensway.

    This is being developed by means of the collaboration of Koh Brothers Group, and Hong Kong-listed Far East Pool. The partnership entity, FECS, will construct high-end homes here.

    Take note: This is usually DEFINITELY NOT an advertising intended for sale.

    This analysis can explore the attributes of often the Hyll on Netherlands property, its locational capabilities, plus its probable pricing factors.



    By blending the two smaller plots of land, FECS have created a new bigger terrain parcel with regard to the project. They will develop a single non commercial development on it, with a new total major floor spot of about 242, 1000 sq ft.

    This could increase the value of the property, because new freehold sites of such a good dimension are not generally discovered.

    It means that additional amenities and gardens will be provided, and maintenance can be communal simply by more units.

    Hyll on Holland will be a new luxury condominium with all around 321 residential units. Very a nice size, neither of them overwhelmingly big and dull, not too small in order to be very attractive.

    In the plot proportion of one. 6 to below a couple of. 1, this area will certainly also not be really densely built up. It will retain its previous human-scale mid-rise report, fixed in landscaped grounds.

    For this reason Hyll on The netherlands is expected to draw a few attention, particularly from individuals searching for new freehold trends with additional land, within going for walks mileage of Holland Town.


    One more feature here is this forthcoming One The netherlands Town, the exciting mixed-used off shoot in the heart of Netherlands Village. This will take even more living and vibrancy into what is already an attractive way of living destination.

    It will offer you not just more F&B, retail industry and commercial areas, in addition to public squares to get situations, but residences as well.

    Often the GLS (Government-Land Sale) sensitive for typically the One Holland Village internet site drew keen benefit & was hard struggled. Their winning bid collection the record for 99 12 months leasehold land in the area, which usually pretty much signals typically the industry’s self-assurance in that area.

    Hyll on Netherlands should benefit from it is proximity to everyone this steps. And especially its freehold land value, that ought to get yourself a boost from just about all the file price settings in the locality.


    The Hyll on Netherlands floor plans are usually definitely not available yet. Make sure you fall us a note with the Contact Form if anyone wish to be retained updated when they usually are ready.


    The Hyll on Netherlands condominium may occupy a corner site fronting Holland Highway, at the junction with Queensway. That is the mid-sized longish land parcel, spanning a little over 138, 000 sq ft.

    To its to the north across Holland Road, it faces the upcoming Leedon Green that is appearing created on the internet site of the former Tulip Gardens.

    When on the southerly of the Hyll @ Holland site, are a couple of little condominiums, The netherlands Hill Villa and Netherlands Hill Area.

    All these developments will be very low to mid-rise jobs in between 5 to twelve storeys tall. Which offers the whole neighborhood some sort of more relaxed, less lustrous feel.

    In fact, to help the western of the particular Hyll on Netherlands internet site, sits the number of got houses hidden driving the row of trees and shrubs testing them from the route. So the views about this aspect are comparatively open.

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