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    It can be thought that the use of hibiscus tea began in ancient Egypt. In the Arab world, tea is known as "Karukadi" or "Karukade". Made from Hibiscus sabdariffa flowers, this drink is especially served in Egyptian homes or restaurants. Popular in many other countries also entered the United States.

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    The reason why this spicy potion was widely accepted is the possibility of some active ingredient in hibiscus flowers. Flowers are rich in vitamin C (good for colds), improve appetite, have diarrhea and diuretic properties, which help to improve blood circulation and reduce cholesterol.

    Hibiscus tea is made from fresh or dry petals or "or", hot and cold. There are some recipes-some are simple, others are more complex. Usually spices like cinnamon are added.

    A simple way to make a beer is to pour 1 cup boiling water over half ly or 1-2 glasses of petals, filter it out after 50-10 minutes and sweeten it. Add honey, lemon, orange peel or juice as needed. For fruit punches, mix with dried fruit. Hibiscus can be mixed with ordinary tea.

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    Often you can make instant recipes or discover new recipes. The simplest and most time consuming is the means. Dry hibiscus flowers are soaked in water for 2 days and strained-boils do not matter.

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    Finding hibiscus flowers will be no problem. They are available at some natural food stores. Fresh organic products are suitable, clean hibiscus leaves are preferred. Alternatively, hibiscus tea bags are available in pouches or boxes in stores or from mail order.

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