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Welcome to The Spiritual Codes!

The Spiritual Codes are a fantastic help to permanently relieve stress and traumas in the body that prevents you from living the life you are here for, the life your heart is longing for.

It´s easy to do by yourself.

See the following information.

What are “The Spiritual Codes”?
These codes are a combination of different hand positions, sometimes movements. The Spiritual Codes are a tool for healing yourself. You do it easily on yourself. Just follow the instructions in each code.

The codes reduce the stress in the body by 3 steps.
1. To see, be aware, admit that there is something to heal.
2. Open up and to feel is also healing but to make a new program in the subconscious use the codes for deeper healing .
3. To heal with the codes and the strengthening convictions. Like a deep shortcut.

With The Spiritual Codes it is possible to change negative belief systems. With the codes it is possible to change unhealthy beliefs about ourselves and others. It is possible to change our whole perspective of negative life experience. Negative beliefs are programmed into our mind and is stored in the subconscious. Negative beliefs take a lot of energy. It stresses the immune system, it attracts negative thoughts, it creates problems in our lives and it closes our hearts. Guilt, shame, controlling others, revenge and illness is the out coming of that. And even worse, it separates ourselves from our own truth and makes us live our lives to please others or to fit in. When we do so we disrespect ourselves and that is very self-destructive. It can also create aggression and a rebellious side in us. We are aimed to be love and joy. Everything else is an imbalance from the past that can be healed.

Stress comes mostly from previous wounds and traumas. When we get hurt a wound is created in the mind. Most people live their lives escaping the pain from these wounds. When we do that it subsides into our subconscious mind. The wounds stay like a fingerprint in every cell in the body. It can even be wounds from your time in the womb and from previous lives. These wounds affect how we live our lives. They create blockages in our energy system that take a lot of energy and damage the immune system. They are expressed as stress, hatred, jealously,misunderstandings, unhealthy beliefs, harmful actions and so on. This means that our past hinders us from living in the present and creating the life we are longing for. It also creates illness. The Spiritual Codes are a help to solve the source of your stress. The source is the time when the wounds were created. To do the codes is an inner journey with sometimes strong emotional feelings, of sorrow, anger, shame, guilt, hatred, suicidal feelings and so on. And sometimes feelings of excitement, love, bliss and happiness. If you feel weak and not ready to attempt this,  do not do the codes. It is your own responsibility if you choose to use the codes. Are you ready to free yourself from the past, whatever it takes? You want your life back. You are able to have a bit of distance to what you experience. There may be a lot of emotions, but you are not the emotions so you do not have to identify with them, what you may go through is only a temporary emotional experience, just like when you are watching a movie. But this movie is about your life. If so, very welcome to do the codes.
More than 90 % of all illness, comes from stress. When the stress is gone the immune system is able to work with reparation of cells and organs.

The healing process
I highly recommend you to create a group with friends, so you can support each other, especially if you are not used to do inner work. However you choose to do this, please always remember the following: Some people do not feel strong emotions when they work with the Codes and still there is healing. To others it is the opposite. The strong negative emotions you may experience come from past wounds. They create stress today when something activating them in the present. You have already survived from the wounds (at least in this life) but you also have to feel the wound fully to become fully alive. To really feel and experience the emotions from the past can make you feel like you are dying. But this is only a temporary emotion. The time for healing is now. This is the step the whole of humanity needs to take. It is a part of the human evolution. Welcome every emotion. To suppress emotions is to create stress. Activated emotions are showing you that the healing process is going on. Be patient with the process. Be careful with yourself in your daily life. Have acceptance of what is happening and what you feel and see about yourself. There may be unpleasant things that come up, but the truth is, the only way to get healed is to set yourself free from the past. The past is our pain in life. The past is in the mind. The past creates worry about the future. The only thing that is real is the present.

If you are used to meditating and looking inwards it will be easier to choose which code to use. But don´t let this be a problem. It´s better to do some code than none. It will become easier when you get used to it. I highly recommend you to also meditate. It helps you to see and be more aware.

  • Have patience, we are all children from the beginning.
  • Be accepting of whatever happens inside you.
  • Be committed to the process of healing.
  • Never let your emotions lead to that you will hurt yourself or anybody else.
  • Be grateful and loving to yourself for doing this amazing work.
  • Do only one of the codes on the same day. One to several times.
  • If you don´t know which code to do, do them in order.

The healing happens in steps:
– Be aware is to see, to admit. You have to be true about what there is in you that you feel. It takes a willpower to be true to yourself whatever you experience.
– To open up is to feel and rest into the emotions (shame, guilt, hate and so on). To dare to be vulnerable. Be in a careful place. You have to be brave!
– To heal is to change the beliefs in your subconscious about yourself, from negative to positive. That is what TSC does.

The Spiritual Codes helps you with all three steps.

To Meditate
Have your focus inwards. Be aware of the thoughts, emotions and sensations in your body. What do you experience? Create awareness. Do not try to change anything, just see. The more you are able to relax into this, the more information you will get. This inner seeing will grow and you will be able to have it in whatever you are doing. You will be able to be aware of your reactions to your experiences in your life. This is also a help for you when you work with the codes.

Reactions when you do the codes
What you experience is very personal. It is different for different codes and depends on where you have your wounds. Some people don´t feel anything while doing the codes. Some feel energy, see colours , pictures or have sensations in the body, even emotional reactions. Be accepting and patient with yourself. Be aware and just experience whatever emotions or thoughts are there. Just experience; emptiness, boredom, impatience, irritation, wanting to escape, sorrow, anger, hatred, shame, guilt or whatever there is. Just see and be aware of it. It will solve itself.

Everything that makes you want to flee from the process is an escape from yourself and that is the reason for the pain in your life. Be brave! Continue the process whatever it takes. Even if there is resistance and pain. You may get in contact with previous lives. Be curious! This is more exciting than any movie or computer game. This is about your life. What could be more exciting?

Other reactions are; temporary fatigue, headache, melancholy, excitement, diarrhoea, feelings of emptiness and confusion.

Hidden wounds will be unhidden to be healed. That is an important inner work and you do it for yourself.

How to choose the right code
1. From your intuition.
2. From a strong feeling you are into right now.
3. From something that keeps coming up like a pattern.
4. From a special trauma you are aware of.
5. With help from a pendulum.
6. With help from muscle testing (kinesiology).
7. To do the codes in order is also ok. It will not harm you if you do not know the
optimal order for your personal journey.
8. It is also possible to buy a consultation from us. Send an e-mail and get help.

The more you do the codes the easier it will become to know which one to choose. JUST START!

There will be detailed instructions in every code on how to do it. Only do one type of code on the same day. You can do the same code several times a day. The more you do the code the quicker you come through the wound you are working with. Please be dedicated to your process. Do the codes every day. Even when you feel bored and think that nothing happens. Keep going with the process. Make an agreement to yourself to take your life seriously and do the codes every day.

This is like the game of pick up sticks. When one wound is healed another will be exposed to be healed. To do this the order of the codes will be personal. Practice and learn to trust your inner truth which will guide you in the right direction. Sometimes the right way is painful. It can be painful to see the truth, that´s why we are avoiding it. Life will continue to show you what you need to heal until you are healed. But avoiding it is even more harmful. To do the codes is never harmful even though it sometimes can be painful.

Do all these codes until all the stress is gone. They don´t have to be done in order. If you do not experience any change in your stress level it could be that you are stuck in the Fear-paralyse reflex. Symptoms for this can be neck pain, problems to speak out or that you are holding yourself back in some way. For example that it is hard to talk or express yourself. Like the words get stuck in the mouth. Do the code no. 7 for a longer period.

When doing the codes you heal your Karma the source of pain from ancestors lives. That will change your negative unhealthy believes that gives worry, anxiety, depression and hinder you to live your fully potential enjoying your life.

It only takes your willpower, some of your time, a decision that your are ready to change your life and you are responsible for doing it, whatever it takes.

Have an interesting healing process and we wish you all good luck!

The background
Maria Löfgren works as a Kinesiologist in Sweden since 2004. She began her healing journey in 1988, a time when she was very depressed and studying biology at the university. Since then she has done a lot of healing work and therapeutic studies to free herself from post traumatic stress syndrome and poisoning. She has always been convinced there will be a way to heal without any traditional medicine. She has tried old Indian and Shaman methods, she has done a lot of alternative methods, she has tried western school medicine, but never, ever, any medications or drugs. When you are stressed the immune system doesn’t have the capacity to help the body rid itself of toxins. These toxins then accumulate in the body and weaken your health.
Maria was forced by her own needs to look for alternative solutions, and she did so for many years. The list of physical symptoms at that time is very long. She did a lot of therapeutic work on herself. She studied kinesiology and medicine. One method that gave her good help was APN, applied psycho neurology, also called psycho kinesiology, but this was not good enough. She also did a lot of spiritual work, shamanism and also working with oneness blessings. In march 2012 she visited the Oneness University, participating in a deepening course and asked Bhagawan for better healing methods. The time in India was great and joyful. When Maria came back home she began to feel very heavy inside and asked in her prayers for help. One day she understood that she will receive some help, so she sat down with pen and paper and just received the information about the first six codes. When she was finished with those, applying them on herself during some weeks, she received one after another.

You are now welcome to take part of this magic healing.

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